The Samsung Galaxy S2 – Why Is It So Popular?

The Samsung Galaxy S2 was one of the most popular Android smartphones of the last year. In this article I will look at why the handset proved so popular by looking at some of the main features of the device.

The Samsung Galaxy S2 was one of the first smartphones after the LG Optimus 2X to boast a dual-core processor. Users clearly found the extra boost to the handset’s computing power a massive plus, as rave reviews began to circulate around the internet. The benefits include a more responsive touchscreen, more efficient multi tasking and higher quality graphics when gaming and watching videos, among other benefits. At 1.2 GHz, the dual-core processor put it among the most powerful smartphones until the recent release of handsets like the HTC Sensation XE with its 1.5 GHz dual-core chip. But it is highly probable that the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S3 will boast a quad-core processor, putting the manufacturer back on top in terms of processing power custom buds cases samsung.

Although the screen resolution of the Galaxy S2 is by no means the highest, it still manages to produce fantastic display quality. At 480x 800, the screen resolution was about average for a high end smartphone at the time of its release, but thanks to a Super AMOLED Plus capacitive panel in the touchscreen, it excelled at displaying photo slideshows, videos, games, web pages and the user interface in general. This is because this screen technology produces among the highest levels of brightness of any smartphone display, and also very wide viewing angles. Therefore, even mundane every day tasks become enjoyable and interactive, whilst multimedia functionality became a real strength of the handset.

Operating System
The Samsung Galaxy S2 was also one of the first smartphones to showcase the Android v2.3 OS, aka Gingerbread. Thanks to the powerful hardware like the processor and screen, users were able to take full advantage of the downloadable apps from the Android Market, and also customise the TouchWiz v4.0 UI to a higher degree than previous versions. As well as downloadable apps, users were also able to download a wealth of content via the Samsung Hubs, which put thousands of game titles, books, movies and widgets at the users’ fingertips.

The Samsung Galaxy S2 has now sold in excess of 20 million units, which has contributed massively to Android overtaking iOS (Apple’s smartphone and tablet operating system) in terms of market share. The Samsung Galaxy S3 is due to be officially announced in coming weeks, and this handset is highly likely to prove just as popular as the Samsung Galaxy S2.

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