The Reason Why HP AC Adapters Get Hot

In the year 1995 the HP Pavilion marks the company introduction into the market for home computing. Dave Packard released the HP Way, a book that chronicles the rise of HP and gives an overview of its business practices, culture and management style. HP produces a low-cost, high-speed infrared transceiver that allows wireless data exchange in a variety of portable electronic device applications such as mobile phones, laptops, printers, cash registers, ATMs, digital cameras and others. Here in this article I will give you more information about HP products Charging  /XS/XS Max/XR/X/7/7 Plus/8/8 Plus, iPad, iPod B07RLFLRGK.

HP laptop, just like all laptops, use external alternating current (AC) adapter, which converts high voltage alternating current into low voltage, stable current. Adapters of this type can be too hot to be touched. But why an HP adapter hot?

The Functions Of the AC Adapter

The AC adapter include two circuits to ensure a constant power supply device adapted to the computer or others. A transformer reduces the voltage, but a regulator provides a constant electricity, without “noise”. These circuits use a small amount of electricity and generate a small amount of heat. The AC adapters usually feels a little warm. They can be warmer when the device is using a lot of electricity, for example whether it is running and charging the battery. There is no reason to worry about an adapter if it is too hot to touch comfortably.

The Internal Reasons For the AC Adapter

Adapters sometimes overheated because the circuitry in them, such as the regulator, are malfunctioning. If the part is bad, it can produce excessive heat and must be replaced. The device itself can sometimes take too much current from the adapter, increasing the current passing through it, so it will be too hot.

The External Reasons For The AC Adapter

AC adapters are based on air passing over them to dissipate heat and cool them. If the adapter is covered, such as a blanket or rug, the excess heat is trapped and then the adapter will overheat. Ensure to keep the adapter from obstacles. If ventilation is adequate, will remain at a moderate temperature.

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