The Ferrari 599 GTO Sports Car

The Ferrari 599 GTO – A close look at this classic sports car’s performance, technical data, features, comparing rivals, history, used prices

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The 599 GTO sports car was introduced by Ferrari in 2010 and was, in fact, the road legal version of the 599XX racer.

Furthermore, Ferrari claimed that the 599 GTO, priced at $450,000, was the fastest road car that the company had built to date Ferrari Rentals in Miami.

In line with existing nomenclature, “599” referred not only to its 5.999 litre engine, but also to the fact that production was limited to 599 units.

The term GTO meant Gran Turismo Omologata, which referred to a Grand Tourer that had been approved for entry on the track.

Furthermore, unlike earlier GTO models, Ferrari had no plans for the 599 to be used as a track racer.

Weighing in at 1495kg, it was some 100 kg lighter than the standard 599 GTB, due in part to the use of thinner gauge aluminium in both the body and space frame chassis, as well as thinner glass in the windscreen.

Some of the new features included:

  • All round lightweight composite disc brakes
  • Rear spoiler and diffuser
  • Front splitter
  • 20 inch road wheels
  • A vented bonnet
  • Alternative springs
  • Stiffer anti-roll bar at the rear

It was fitted with the latest system for monitoring the suspension, which worked in tandem with the most recent version of the F1 Trac, the traction control system. This meant that the rear wheel drive car reacted even quicker to the demands of the driver in respect of braking, using ABS, and cornering with the power-assisted steering.

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