How to Use Yahoo Mail and Outlook Together

Do you need to get your Yahoo Mail account working with Outlook so you can handle all your email in one place? It is a smart thing to do, and will simplify your life. This article will show you how to make the Yahoo Outlook connection login.

There’s one big thing that trips people up when they first try to get Yahoo and Outlook working together. You can only make a Yahoo Outlook connection if you have a premium Yahoo Mail account. That means, you must use either:

  • A Yahoo Mail Plus account ($19.99 per year)
  • A Yahoo Business Email account ($9.95 per month)

Yahoo blocks connections from their free email accounts to any mail reader besides their web-based one. Happily, it’s easy to get a Mail Plus account, or even better, to convert your existing free Yahoo account to a Mail Plus account. That allows you to keep the same email address you are already using.

Most people will want to go with the Yahoo Mail Plus account, but the process for using that or a Yahoo Business Mail account with Outlook is almost the same. In either case, there is something to be aware of before you go further.

Normally, when you set up a Yahoo Outlook connection, you will want to tell the Yahoo mail servers not to retain copies of messages on the sever once Outlook downloads them. That means you won’t be able to read your mail through the Yahoo web interface anymore. That’s a definite disadvantage, but almost always the way to go. Why? Because if you don’t do things that way, you’ll have your mail on Outlook, and have a separate copy in Yahoo which you’ll have to take care of. Two separate copies of the same message means extra work for you.

Because there are a number of steps to making this work, and the details vary depending on the version of Outlook you’re using (and the details sometimes change), you’ll want to go online to find a reliable set of instructions. Ideally, those instructions will take you through every step of the process, from converting your Yahoo account into a Mail Plus account, to the exact steps you must take for whichever version of Outlook you are using.

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