How to Choose a Dog Collar – Read Before You Buy

Have you ever considered a reflective dog collar for your canine friend? Or even a glow in the dark collar which will help you find your pet in the dark? No? Well, my friend, choosing a dog collar is no easy task let me tell you. In fact, it is quite complicated. This is simply because it is not about what suits you best, your pets’ convenience and preferences have to be taken into account and understanding that is really not easy!

Basic Collar

There are many, many different types of basic collars and patterns which you can choose from. In fact, the very fact that the variety of collars to choose from is so large is daunting. The number of styles, colors and patterns will not only intimidate you, they’re going to thoroughly puzzle you!

So which one should you go in for? Try a nylon dog collar. They’re versatile since they can be found in many colors, shades and patterns and at the same time, do a great job of providing your pet with the comfort that it needs since it is quite soft on the neck. What is more, it comes pretty cheap too!

Reflective Collar

A modification of the nylon collar is the reflective dog collar. This type of dog collar is really popular because when you take your dog out for a stroll at night and it runs off, you’re going to be able to locate it quite easily. In fact, if you’re into hunting, with your dog, this collar will come in handy too where to buy dog collars!

So how does this work? These collars are specially designed to reflect light. When any sort of light hits your dog’s collar, it glows and shines as a result of which you can easily spot your dog. Reflective collars are quite similar to reflective vests and belts.

Earlier, these collars were only limited to the color orange. Now a wide range of reflective dog collars are available in different shades, like red, pink, blue, purple and lots of other colors! So get a reflective color to suit yours as we all as your dog’s sensibilities!

Collars Can be Fun!

Glow in the dark collars, like reflective ones are quite practical. They’re fun too! The difference between these collars and the reflective collars is that in reflective collars, any light striking it will be reflected, whereas, in the case of glow in the dark collars, the collars are fabricated from materials which produce light of their own.

A very important consideration for glow in the dark collars is the way they fit around your dog’s neck. The ideal fit ranges from a gap if one to three fingers’ width around your dog’s neck depending on the size of your dog. So while choosing a dog collar, do be practical and choose a reflective dog collar or a glow in the dark one!

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