Horror Over Care of Horses

In Florida, twenty-eight emaciated horses were recently removed from a central Florida home and given medical care and food from animal charities.

Animal charities are often called into monitoring potentially disturbing animal neglect or abuse. And it’s a sad, but unavoidable reality that horses often need to be rescued. Horses are particularly vulnerable because of the huge expense of caring for a horse – and neglect can simply be the result of financial difficulty on behalf of the owner.

The starving horses in Florida were found chewing on fencing and bark to try and stave off their hunger. The courts will decide on whether the owner of the horses should get the animals back in their care.

In California, there’s been another story of underfed horses on a small farm where the animals were said to be in ‘deplorable’ conditions. The farm was reported after a witness saw one of the horses falling down repeatedly in the mud. Police then found three malnourished horses with their ribs showing, with two more that’d apparently eaten a wooden fence livery training yard.

It isn’t just in America where cases of abuse are routine. In the UK, concerns have been raised around horses that aren’t kept in a proper livery but are tethered along the A65. It isn’t just concern for the animals but drivers – who have said they find the horses ‘intimidating’. The animals are tethered along a road that has a 60mph speed limit, and there’s a concern the horses could startle drivers when they are tethered on the very edge of the road posing a dangerous threat. As well as the council, the RSPCA has been investigating the potential problem.

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