Buckwheat Hull Pillow Maintenance Procedures

Since more and more importance is given to interior decoration nowadays, the professionals trust on the variety of pillows. The bolster pillow is one type of decorative pillow, which can be used in order to accessorize your bedroom, living room as well as any sitting arrangement. It is cylindrical and long shape. These pillows are often called as tube, neck or neck roll pillows for its shape. These pillows can be both practical and decorative. You also can experiment with different colours kilim cushions.

Have you even thought of green? This is a symbol of youth, environment and happiness. If you want a green bolster pillow, you can search for your own on a number of online websites, which are easily accessible through internet. There are many online website, which retail various kinds of bolster pillows. In addition to that, you can order your green bolster pillows on these websites too. If you don’t want to shop online as many people are worried of the reliability, you can search for the pillows on the physical stores too.

If you have found that these exceed your budget, you can make your own ones right at your home. First you have to decide the fabric of the pillow cover. It may range from cotton to satin. After choosing a right green fabric, now it is time to take the exact measurements and in order to do that you have to wrap the fabric on the pillow. Then you have to sew up the seam, and at the same time have to trim the edges.

You also can make use of an overlock stitch to stop any potential fraying of the fabric. Then iron the seam flat only to turn the pillow case round. On the both ends, you will have to fold the fabric twice so that it can cover the rough cutting edges. Now make a seam of 1 inch 2 cm. Iron each fold for the accurate edge. Then pin and sew each seam. Now you have to fold each end of the pillow case a more 1.5 inches or 4 cm inwards.

Now iron the fold to pin and sew another seam 1 inch or 2 cm from the edge. Then unpick the few stitches on the seam that runs the length of it, from the edge to the 1 inch seam, you have sewn to insert the ribbon. Now you have to attach a small safety pin to the edge to feed the ribbon through the seam. And the cover is ready for the green bolster pillow.

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